Excitement was understatement; Lilly Wilson could not wait to spend her first night in the new nursery. The little girl had been waiting weeks for the “finishing touches” to be done until finally the room had been painted, decorated, and outfitted with special furniture including a changing table and crib. Given all the excitement surrounding this first night in the new nursery, Lilly’s mommy decided Lilly would go to bed earlier on this particular night.

Luckily mommy knew just how to knock her little one out. Around 9:30 mommy made her way into the kitchen and poured milk into one of her baby’s new bottles. Mommy stuck the bottle in the microwave and peeked around the corner to check up on her little one.

Once the bottle was warm enough mommy took Lilly by the hand and led her into the nursery. Mommy helped Lilly up onto her lap and as Lilly rested her hand into her mommy’s chest Lilly felt a nipple go between her lips. Mommy knew all about Lilly’s oral fixation which is why she knew how much Lilly was going to love her nightly baba.

When the bottle was empty mommy started patting Lilly on the back and continued until she noticed her baby was sound asleep. Mommy quietly tucked Lilly into her crib whispering,

“Ni Ni baby mommy loves you so much”

Lilly rolled over in her new bed and found herself pinned up against the side of her lavender crib. The little girl peaked through the bars on her crib managing to stare out the only window in the nursery.

She figured it must still be nighttime since it was dark outside. Lilly’s brown eyes shifted from the window to the surroundings inside her nursery and slowly she gazed around the room turning her attention to the mobile hovering above. Around ands around the clouds danced in circles mesmerizing the young little girl back into a restful sleep.

Morning sun filled Lilly’s nursery and the young girl arose with a throbbing sensation in her bladder. Lilly was only in her second day of diaper training so the night time accidents were far from regular however, since her mommy kept Lilly padded 24/7 Lilly knew she was going to have to let go and fill her diapee. She picked herself up against the side of the crib as her arms dangled over the side reaching for the soft, fuzzy carpet below.

As Lilly relaxed her bladder she began to feel trickles of pee fill inside her fluffly bambino. If only mommy could see how cute Lilly looked perched against her crib dressed in her ninja turtle onsee.

Lilly could feel her dipee becoming warm which meant it was getting quite full. The young girl was afraid of leaking onto her new crib so she put her hand behind her bottom to feel for any dampness. Fortunately the plastic pants and onsee were doing their job and with that Lilly sank back into her blankets and snuggled up against the corner of her crib. She grabbed ahold of Moosey, her favorite plushie, and gave him morning kisses.